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Free cybersecurity awareness material for families, small companies, and schools across a wide range of categories and topics. 

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Free cybercrime assistance. Have you been a victim of cybercrime? Submit the relevant information to our team to investigate.


Workshops, training and seminars for cybersecurity professionals and business leaders  to leverage technology and services to secure our continent.

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Search for cybersecurity vendors, contractors, system integrators and more in South Africa, Africa and globally.


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awareness resources

Alert Africa is committed to securing you, your family, friends and our continent with our online cybersecurity platform for the community.


Tips to protect your family.


Tips to secure your digital devices.


Tips to secure and use the applications you love safely.


Tips to protect your personal information.

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Guides to help small businesses owners navigate the world of cyberthreats.


Cybersecurity awareness for learners and educators.

report cybercrime

If you suspect illegal computer activity, are targeted or harassed or encounter illegal Internet content please report this to your nearest police station. You can then submit the relevant information to our team to investigate. 

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Alert Africa was established in 2015 to make African a safe place to live and work online. Watch our trailer!