Alert Africa | Anonymous declares cyber attack against government

Anonymous declares cyber attack against government

Anonymous declares cyber attack against government

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Anonymous declares cyber attack on governmentCyber war against Israel has been declared by the global cyber hacker group Anonymous.

According to, a DDOS attack was launched by the group today taking down the website of the Israeli government.

The move was probably a stint to show that Anonymous seems to have empathy for the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza which have been under Israeli bombardment since 8 July.

The empathy is also shown by the several tweets and retweets that illustrate the terror of civilians in Gaza have been posted on Twitter in the name of the group.

At least 1 800 Palestinians and more than 60 Israelis have died in the conflict as reported by a number of news sources, though it is likely that the number will change once hostilities cease.

Navi Pillay the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Thursday said that Israel should be held accountable for its actions in Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister has said that he is determined to destroy the tunnels that Hamas uses to smuggle material into Gaza. He is also coming under pressure from several quarters to call a halt to the fighting.

The US State Department was dismayed after there was an attack on a school where some estimate that 3 000 civilians were hiding from the conflict.

Even though there are claims of a cyber attack, a number of Israeli government websites seemed to functioning as normal on Monday afternoon.

Some slowdowns were noticed on tourist sites dedicated to travel to Israel but some were functional.

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