Alert Africa | Be cautious when using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi



 Cyber Security Tip #10 – Be cautious when using Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Only turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you need it.

Quick Tips

 Quick Tips 

Do not connect to “Free” (open) Wi-Fi networks that public stores offer.

Do not accept unknown Bluetooth pairing requests.

Secure your Wi-Fi at home.

Getting Hands On


 Safely use Free (open) Wi-Fi 

Using a VPN is the safest way to use Free Wi-Fi. However, setting up and using a VPN is beyond the scope of this guide

Do not bank, shop online, or surf social media sites using Free Wi-Fi networks.

Always ensure you are using a secure connection (https rather than http). Simply look for the padlock icon.

Why Should I Care?

 Personal Impact  

Identity & personal information theft.

Social media account breach.

Reputational damage, extortion and blackmail due to hacked accounts.

Your bank accounts can be compromised (Hacked).

Access to email accounts, implicating them as set off points.

Criminals can take pictures of you with your webcam / front camera.

Criminals can make audio and / or video recordings of you and your surroundings using your device and use these recordings and pictures for extortion.

Your credit record can be damaged.

Accounts can be opened in your name without your knowledge.

Your email inbox could be flooded with unwanted emails or used to spam your contacts.

 Child Safety 


Images of you or your family can be harvested without your permission and used on unsavoury websites

 Device Security  

Criminals can implicate your device in cybercrime.

Your device can become infected with viruses (malware).