Alert Africa | City website hacked, hackers threaten to kill Obama

City website hacked, hackers threaten to kill Obama

City website hacked, hackers threaten to kill Obama

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City-of-Durham-Website-Hacked-Attacker-Threatens-to-Kill-Obama (1)Some hackers have breached and defaced a subdomain of the official website of the City of Durham in North Carolina.

The targeted subdomain is, HackRead reports. It is used for the city€™s GIS Interactive Map webpage.

Over the past period, many .gov websites, particularly ones belonging to US cities, have been hacked. What is interesting about this particular attack is that the defacement message posted by the hackers is a threat addressed to US President Barack Obama.

€œ.Gov Hacked by Raven €˜Chingina€™, chris.lafon2, and nickla nickla93 Susie Wood aka Chingina’s mom. [Expletive] the government, we will [expletive]-ing KILL OBAMA, YOU THINK WE GIVE A [EXPLETIVE]? COME AT US [EXPLETIVE],€ the hackers wrote on the hacked subdomain.
The attack took place sometime on Thursday. At the time of writing, the GIS subdomain has been taken offline.

The rest of the City of Durham website appears to be working properly.

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