Alert Africa | Criminals Hit the ATM Jackpot in Mexico

Criminals Hit the ATM Jackpot in Mexico

Criminals Hit the ATM Jackpot in Mexico

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Organised crime in Mexico aimed at ATMSAccording to external sources, malware is transferred to the ATM by physically inserting a new boot disk into the CD-ROM drive. The boot disk then transfers malware.


The criminals created an interface to interact with the ATM software on a compromised ATM, and are therefore able to withdraw all the available money from the containers holding the cash, also known as cassettes.

It is interesting to note is that the criminals are also able to read all the information typed by cardholders through the ATM keypad, enabling them to steal the sensitive information without using any external device.

Although no confirmation has been received from other countries being affected by this threat, banks in other countries using the same ATM software could be at risk.

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