Alert Africa | Facebook party invite leads to 500 unexpected gatecrashers

Facebook party invite leads to 500 unexpected gatecrashers

Facebook party invite leads to 500 unexpected gatecrashers

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Facebook party invite leads to 500 unexpected gatecrashersAn unemployed 18-year-old Callum Tilbury brainstormed a bash to impress a girl, who then posted an open invitation on Facebook. The invite resulted in the mingling of 500 drunken teenagers, one hunting knife, and police in riot gear.

Tilbury told Stuff the next day that he was “stoked!” by the success of the fête.

Except for the injuries and getting chased by police with batons to break up the mosh-pit he stated that, “We didn’t know some of the people that turned up. The chick we put the party on for put it up on Facebook, that’s why all these people turned up”.

Tilbury told reporters that the police showed up three times.

Tilbury’s mum, Dawn Tilbury, said, “Yes, please,” when police asked her if she needed help to shut down the party. She told Stuff that she had tried ending the party a few times but was unsuccessful because there were too many people and could hardly get out the door.

Tilbury described the scene when police arrived at the property in riot gear and moved party-goers into the street:
“They (Police) stormed in and everyone left and they had the roads blocked off so we had to walk down the end of Mahoe St. We had no other way to exit and they had the riot squad as well chasing us down with like batons and riot shields and like slug guns and stuff”.

Hone Tuau a neighbour said the scene was one of teens gone feral:
A whole lot of youngsters wanting fights. Had a few try and turn around trying to fight back to the cops. That didn’t last long, I’m guessing they would have got locked up as well. The street was full of teenagers… fighting amongst each other, bottles being thrown everywhere.

Peter van de Wetering the Police senior sergeant said, police found the hunting knife while they were moving the kids off the street.

14 people were arrested and at least one person injured at the party, Stuff reported.

Tilbury, who claims that he is “definitely not friends” anymore with the Facebook-posting femme, is not facing any charges.

Tilbury also told reporters that he had assigned one guy to act as a doorman and another to cover security, but that was not efficient enough to combat the Facebook-fueled deluge.

He has apologised for the party and has even visited neighbours to clean up their driveways.

He was featured on television Breakfast programme to warn others that putting an open invitation, along with your address, on Facebook is a NOT a good idea.

Even if you do have security measures in place to keep party attendees safe, his advice for others is:

…not to really put it on Facebook and make it an open party, because the police can find out about it really fast, and that’s another reason why they came so quickly to shut it down… at the end of the day, if you throw it for somebody else, they’re just going to leave, and your house is going to look like s**t the next day.
It is advised that party hosts who would prefer a more intimate event, to check their invite’s settings before posting.

Always remember, it is easy for things to spread on social media. It is all fun and games – until something really bad happens.

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