Alert Africa | Hacks continue and eBay is under pressure

Hacks continue and eBay is under pressure

Hacks continue and eBay is under pressure

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Hacks continue and eBay is under pressureeBay has been called by leading security researchers to take action immediately over dangerous listings, as the problem continues to put users at risk.

Over 100 listings have been identified by BBC that had been exploited to trick customers into handing over personal data.

Some readers over the weekend did get in touch with the BBC, claiming they had attempted to warn eBay about the problem.

The company said it would “continue to review all site features and content”.

The BBC has found that:

Innocent user accounts were hijacked in order to place the fake listings. Many of the accounts had 100% positive feedback, and had sold hundreds of items.
Another victim had his account hijacked and told the BBC he was locked out of his account – only to find later on that he had been billed “around

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