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Israeli army’s Twitter account hacked

Israeli army’s Twitter account hacked

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Israeli army Twitter account hackedThe Israeli army Twitter account was hacked briefly on Friday 4th July. The hackers posted a rather alarming and disturbing message that a nuclear facility had been hit by rocket fire.

A screenshot of the tweet was posted by Israeli news website Ynet.

“#WARNING: Possible nuclear leak in the region after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility” in the south of the country, it read.

The army did confirm that “several incorrect tweets were posted” on its English spokesperson’s account (@IDFspokesperson) late on Thursday, after the account had been “compromised”.

By Friday morning the account posted an apology to followers and had removed any trace of the hackers’ false messages.

The Syrian Electronic Army claimed they were responsible and posted a screen shot of the army’s Twitter page with two of its fake tweets.

“Always via @Official_SEA16 Long live #Palestine” read the other tweet, linking directly to the SEA’s official account.

This hacking was conducted just after the Israel army gave regular updates on rocket fire from Gaza hitting southern Israel, after a brief uptick in the past week in cross-border exchanges, including retaliatory air strikes by Israel.

The army said, Israeli warplanes pounded targets inside Gaza on Thursday and militants fired at least 34 rockets into Israel.

Hamas was warned by Israel on Thursday to put a stop to rocket fire from its Gaza power base and sent army reinforcements to the border with the Palestinian group.

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