Alert Africa | KFC investigates on massive card scam

KFC investigates on massive card scam

KFC investigates on massive card scam

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KFC hit by massive card scamFast food outlet KFC is investigating the credit card scam that cost South African banks €œmany millions of rands€ and targeted the fast food industry.

Doug Smart, MD of KFC South, said the company is taking the issue very seriously and cannot comment on a statement by Walter Volker, CEO of the Payments Association of South Africa (Pasa) that the industry was vulnerable to an international criminal syndicate because it was not fully compliant with security measures.

Smart said, €œOur first priority is to make sure that the impact on our customers remains minimal. In the unlikely event that customers believe they may have been impacted by the malware, they should immediately make contact with their own bank to investigate and resolve queries on their accounts. We are working with the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) as well as our own banks in their on-going investigations€.

Volker earlier confirmed that South African banks have lost €œmany millions of rands€ as a result of a sophisticated scam in which criminals abroad accessed the card data of clients who bought fast food at several outlets in the country.

Volker said, €œThe industry has taken immediate and pro-active steps to identify the extent of the potential exposure, clean up confirmed sites with effective custom anti-malware software and carefully monitor transactions on the cards involved in order to detect possible unusual activity€.

Customers have suffered no loss, apart from the inconvenience of sorting out unauthorised overseas transactions on their card accounts, says Volker.

The malware infiltrated the back office computer system of the particular outlets, copied the data from cards used to purchase fast food and sent it to criminals abroad. There it was sold to other parties who used it to issue fraudulent cards in Europe and America, where they were used for in store purchases.

Volker says mostly credit and cheque cards were affected. They were mostly not chip enabled and typically required a signature. Pins were never compromised.

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