Alert Africa | List of travel scams to avoid

List of travel scams to avoid

List of travel scams to avoid

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List of travel scams to avoidTourist who are faced with unfamiliar surroundings and are vulnerable to needing help or information, tend to be more trusting of locals and less likely to question what they are being told.

When language is a barrier is even risky.

Some scammers are smart and can spot a tourist a mile away – and aware that they are likely to carry large amounts of cash and credit on them.

The website compiled a list of common tourist scams and also provided ways to help you avoid common scam situations. The information will help you become more alert and aware before you fall victim.

As you go through the list you will realise that some scams are more obvious and instinctively you will know you have been targeted. However, others are a little more tricky and leave you believing that you are at fault for either losing or miscalculating.

For the more information and the list click here.

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