Alert Africa | Log out of all accounts when not being used

Log out of all accounts when not being used



 Cyber Security Tip #9 – Log Off

Do NOT check ‘Keep Me Logged In’ or ‘Remember Me’

Quick Tips

 Quick Tips 

Do NOT check ‘Keep Me Logged In’ or ‘Remember Me’, especially on public computers!

Getting Hands On


 Logging in automatically 

When logging into your account ensure that the Keep Me Logged In or Remember Me check box is NOT checked.

If your browser (Internet Explorer etc.) prompts you to Remember user name and password decline the request (Say no). Log out

When you are finished with your emails or social media, click the Log Out or Sign Out button / link. It is normally in the top right hand corner of the webpage.

Useful Applications.

Password managers (as mentioned in Cybercrime Survival Tip 7, Helpful Applications), can centralise and automate your logins across multiple websites with one central “Master” password – which is safer than staying logged into accounts when idle or not used.

Why Should I Care?

The following can happen if you do not adequately protect your data on all your devices:

 Personal Impact  

Your identity can be stolen.

Your personal information can be stolen.

Your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc) can be compromised.

You may suffer reputational damage should hackers post unsavoury content to hacked accounts.

Your bank accounts could be compromised and money stolen.

Criminals may gain access to all information in your email accounts.

They may also attempt to illicit further information or money from your contacts.