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Cyber Security Awareness made easy

Awareness Presentation Pack

 The awareness presentation pack contains a set of slides you can use to present to your family, friends and / or work colleagues to raise and promote cyber security awareness.

Awareness Posters


Snap Chat


Social Media Safety


Online Gaming


Cyber Bullying


Online Predators





The Cybercrime Survival Guide

 The Cybercrime Survival Guide contains the top ten Cybercrime Survival tips listed on this website in a convenient booklet form for you to refer back to or share with your friends, colleagues and family.


Cartoons – Cyberville



 The adventures of Mr Slack Ethix, a not so dedicated employee that often lands in hot water for not following good cyber security practices.


Cybercrime Awareness Videos 

We have compiled these free videos to raise cybercrime awareness in a fun way, enjoy more adventures of Mr Slack Ethix by watching these.