Alert Africa | Scam Alert: ‘Permanent Facebook deactivation’ threat is false

Scam Alert: ‘Permanent Facebook deactivation’ threat is false

Scam Alert: ‘Permanent Facebook deactivation’ threat is false

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Scam Alert Permanent Facebook deactivation threatA suspicious looking harvest-like scam is circling on Facebook. The scam is threatening users with account deactivation if they do not go through the steps defined in scammy status updates.

The updates are posted by fake accounts impersonating the Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others.

Jovi Umawing of Malwarebytes was the first to know about the scam after she received several legitimate Facebook notifications informing her that she and some of her friends were tagged in spammy posts urging them to “activate” their accounts.

“The source post originated from an obviously fake profile called Facebook Announcement 2K14, which was created as a community page some time last month,” she noted. The fake Zuckerberg account appears to have also been created recently.

The scam notification instructs users to paste a code which prevents and makes it impossible for the users to unfollow the scammer. The code also allows the scammers to auto-follow certain lists from those accounts; auto-like spammy posts; tag random friends in their network to a post that is posted as a reply to the original spammy post; and changes the look of the victims’ account.

At the moment the scam appears to be mostly targeting users

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