Alert Africa | Social networks being targeted by cyber criminals

Social networks being targeted by cyber criminals

Social networks being targeted by cyber criminals

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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

According to Kaspersky Lab figures, unsolicited emails made up 67.6% of all global email traffic in August. That is 3.6% points lower than in July.

Simultaneously the rate of phishing messages rose more than 10 times compared to July and the volume of spam messages containing malicious attachments rose 2.5 times, accounting for 5.6% of all email traffic.

Cybercriminals kept up a continuous bombardment of fake messages announcing non-existent airline and hotel reservations, with the spammers using some of the biggest names in these industries,” Kasperksy Lab said on Wednesday.

In August, Kaspersky Lab, which has over 300 million users worldwide, once again recorded mass mailings of scam letters that at first glance appeared to come from those companies.

The fact that such messages often look genuine can relax the recipient€™s vigilance,” warned Kaspersky Lab.

They usually prompt the user to open a malicious attachment or follow a link that initiates a file download to the hard drive. In either case, the victim€™s computer is infected with the Tepfer Trojan that steals user credentials.”

In August Kaspersky Lab reported mass mailings that appeared to come from an official Apple address that asked recipients to confirm their iTunes account details by following a link.

The favourite target of phishing attacks, however, remains social networks.

Remember, it is very rare for reputable organisations to ask you for your private data, to confirm account details without advance notice, or to open email attachments,” warned Tatyana Shcherbakova, senior spam analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

If this happens, it€™s advisable to contact the support line of the organisation named in the email, and ask if they actually sent it.”

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