Alert Africa | ‘Thousands’ of cyber attacks against the South

‘Thousands’ of cyber attacks against the South

‘Thousands’ of cyber attacks against the South

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cyber warfare North Korea has staged thousands of cyber attacks against the South in recent years, causing financial losses of around $805m, a Seoul lawmaker said on Tuesday citing government data.

A lot of data related to our national infrastructure, including chemical storage facilities and information relating to personal financial dealings have been stolen,” ruling party MP Chung Hee-Soo said.

According to the information provided by the Defence Ministry’s cyber warfare unit, Chung told parliament that the South Korean military alone had been the target of 6 392 North Korean cyber attacks that varied in scale since 2010.

Attacks included website intrusions, malware deployments and the use of virus-carrying e-mails.

Our military’s cyber warfare ability to fend off such attacks… is incomparable to the North’s, which is known to be one of the world’s best,” Chung said.

Recent high-profile cyber attacks have targeted commercial banks, government agencies, TV broadcasters and media websites.

The resulting financial damage since 2009 amounts to some 860 billion won ($805m), Chung said.

North Korea has denied any involvement and accused Seoul of fabricating the incidents to fan cross-border tension.

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