Alert Africa | University students targeted with fraudulent email scam

University students targeted with fraudulent email scam

University students targeted with fraudulent email scam

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University students targeted with fraudulent email publication reported that on 27th August, 2014 the University of Memphis recently became victim of phishing as many students received an email from the “help desk” is the domain of University of Memphis but it is reported that particular email did not contain that domain at all.The email requested students to click a link and update their account by filling their online credentials.

The University’s Help Desk got alerted about the issue when a student called them stating the receipt of the email and he did not know what to do. The attendant of the help desk asked the student to send the email to the office which was then sent to which is the spam email help line of the University.

Ellen Watson, Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost of Information Technology of the University advised the students to be very careful when reading unfamiliar emails, as reported

He continued by stating that, “We have stopped more than 7 million spam messages and on many occasions different hackers try to steal others’ identity in different ways.” The University has highlighted some important security tips on its official website to combat phishing attacks.

They include: Never click on links contained in an unsolicited email as such links often lead to fake Internet sites. For example, a phishing email may contain the link “Click here to update your information” as in the above case and then direct you to a fake business website requesting for personal credentials.

The University advises to always use official URL to visit any institution’s website.Secondly, keep your password secured and all passwords are to be treated as confidential information of University.Moreover, during second week of July, 2014, students of Elon University, Elon, North Carolina, US, were victims of phishing scam as well.On Thursday, 10th June, 2014, A huge number of current students and alumni received a spam e-mail entitled “Deactivation of Account111” which officials of Elon University confirmed that they did not send the e-mail and hence students should be careful of that.

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